Have your product listed

In order to have your product(s) added to the list of RIST products you need to do the following:

  1. Become an associate or full member of the RIST Forum

  2. Test the interoperability of your implementation with one of the following reference implementations

    • Open Source Gstreamer Plugin

    • Net Insight

    • VideoFlow

    • Cobalt Digital

  3. Send the following information to RIST Forum co-chair Alexander Sandstrom

    • Your company name

    • For each product

      • Name

        • This is what’s visible and searchable in the product list together with the company name

      • Picture

        • This is shown in the product list with aspect ratio 16:9

      • Web link

        • Clicking the product name or picture in the product list takes the visitor to this link


How to test interoperability

In order to test interoperability please reach out to one of the following: