RIST Simple Profile Approved by VSF RIST Activity Group

The Video Services Forum (VSF) announces the release of Technical Recommendation TR-06-1:2018 entitled “Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Protocol Specification – Simple Profile.” RIST provides a protocol specification based on existing RFCs and other standards for low-latency video transport of MPEG2 transport streams over the Internet, including the well-known ARQ (Automatic Repeat Query) technique for lost packet recovery. TR-06-1 can be added to any video delivery solution using SMPTE ST 2022-1 FEC to improve performance on networks with packet loss. Both FEC and TR-06-1 can be used simultaneously to enable a smooth migration from FEC- based protection to RIST-based protection.

This new RIST Technical Recommendation is freely available at http://videoservicesforum.org/technical_recommendations for all to download and to use.

Alexander Sandstrom